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Business-To-Business Fabrication Services

If you and your company are currently looking to outsource custom fabricated flanges, adapters, downpipes or other automotive parts requiring fabrication using advanced mills, water jet cutters etc — you have come to the right place. Unlike a lot of companies that posses the tools needed to create high-quality and cost effective parts, CustomFab Shop specializes in working with companies of all sizes that are seeking somewhere to manufacture their custom fabricated automotive parts (needed, for example, to create Turbo Kits or Exhaust systems).

We will work with you directly and take a large majority of the work off your hands that is generally required to make custom performance automotive accessories. This allows you to spend time focusing on the next project or goal at hand, with the peace of mind that the necessary flanges or adapters are being fabricated and shipped to your shop.

If you would like to talk further on how Custom Fab Shop can help you and your company decrease production time, cut costs and improve sales. Please contact us and we would love to give you more details on our business-to-business services or answer any questions you may have.

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